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Spring 2017


  • Residential Learning Communities Make a Difference

    Students in Residential Learning Communities find support in one another, reinforcing the University’s overall sense of community.

  • A 30-Year Journey

    Students have been volunteering in Micronesia since the late ’80s, and, three decades later, the University has nine students from Micronesia and a long list of alumni.

  • Hand in Hand

    Scranton’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Center helps female small-business owners get their start, and in turn supports the local economy and community.

Alumni Profiles

On the Commons

Focus on Faculty

  • Faculty News

    A collection of faculty news from summer and fall 2016 is below.


Alumni News


Web Exclusives

  • More Campus Updates

    See more photos and video of recent campus updates and plans for the future.

  • More Answers from Students from Micronesia

    We talked with our current students from Micronesia about their connection to Scranton and their experience here. This is what they had to say.

  • McPartland's Trainings

    Ray McPartland '97 trains police officers and civilians on how to prepare for active-shooter situations. Read what he has to say.

  • How We are Doing: Case Survey

    We used the CASE (Council for Advancement & Support of Education) Readership Survey, which allows us to compare our results with more than 350 other institutions that also used the same instrument.

  • More Answers from Cheryl Boga

    Cheryl Boga talks more about Jesuit education and the arts.

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