Election Season Brings a Flurry of Campus Political Activity

The election season was active and interactive at Scranton, which hosted several events that enabled the University community to become more informed about the issues.

The election season was active and interactive at the University, which hosted several events that gave students, faculty and staff, as well as the public, the opportunity to express their opinions and become more informed about the issues.

Before the election, the University hosted the Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN)’s Election 2016 Town Hall meeting, in which panelists from the local media and academic community discussed the presidential and U.S. Senate races.

C-SPAN’s Washington Journal interviewed University of Scranton political science professor Jean Wahl Harris, Ph.D., regarding Pennsylvania voters in the U.S. presidential and U.S senate races. The interview was conducted by Scranton alumnus and C-SPAN host Paul Orgel ‘86. 

The interview was conducted via Skype from the University’s TV studio under the watchful eyes of journalism students in the class of communication professor Kim Pavlick, Ph.D.

The C-SPAN Campaign 2016 Bus, an interactive multimedia learning center that travels across the country bringing election coverage to communities, visited the University on Nov. 4. Scranton was its last stop on a six-college tour of the East Coast that began in North Carolina.

The bus offers free interactive political quizzes, HD-TVs, touch-screen computers, laptops and mobile devices to educate the public about the election and C-SPAN’s in-depth public affairs coverage.

The College Democrats and College Republicans clubs jointly hosted watch parties for the presidential and vice presidential debates. On Election Day, a day that saw the campus awash in both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump gear, the clubs hosted an “Election Day Countdown” to watch the election-night results.

“It is vital that everyone vote, specifically for the candidate who supports the manner they want to see the country approach economic, social and international issues,” said Carson Clabeaux, president of the College Republicans.

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