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Fall 2014


  • A New Way of Thinking

    University of Scranton young engineers’ focus on sustainable energy benefits local and global communities.

  • A Deeper Dialogue

    Scranton alumni in broadcast reveal the benefits and challenges of the 24-hour news cycle.

  • Following a Jesuit Tradition in the 21st Century

    University of Scranton professors serve refugee communities through Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins.

  • A Campus Hub

    The Weinberg Memorial Library just got loud, and the librarians aren’t even complaining. Construction on the first floor contributed to the clamor this summer, but — going forward — the Reilly Learning Commons will be abuzz with activity: a campus hub, complete with a computer lab and the latest software.

  • Modernizing Dharavi

    This article is based on a study by Dr. Abhijit Roy, co-authored with Mousumi Roy, Ph.D., independent scholar: “Modernizing Dharavi: if you build, will they come?”

Alumni Profiles

  • A Time of Transition: Bishop Joseph R. Kopacz, Ph.D. ’72

    Soon after he got a call from the Apostolic Nuncio (on behalf of Pope Francis) to serve as a Diocesan Bishop in Mississippi, Bishop Joseph R. Kopacz, Ph.D. ’72, a Northeastern Pennsylvania native, became one of only 156 Diocesan Ordinaries in the U.S.

  • A Citizen, and Teacher, of the World: Christopher N. Steel, Ph.D. ’99

    Christopher N. Steel, Ph.D. ‘99, always knew he had an “obligation to participate in the sweaty work of the world.” He is currently a diplomat at the U.S. Agency of International Development (USAID), the humanitarian, development and assistance arm of the U.S. Department of State, a role he could only have dreamed of as teenager.

  • A Family Formed at Scranton: Bill Nellis ’55, Joe Nellis ’85, Kate Nellis ’10

    When Bill Nellis ’55 arrived at Lackawanna Station in 1949 he was fresh from military service with no job and no friends in Scranton, other than his cousin. Bill came to the city to get the college education promised to him by the GI Bill, but by setting in motion a multi-generational Scranton story, he received much greater gifts, as well as a reason to celebrate in 2015.

  • From Scranton to Sochi: Margo Christiansen ’05

    Margo Christiansen ’05 was ever-present at the Sochi Olympics this winter, easily spotted against the snow-covered trails in a navy blue U.S.A. parka. Although she spent many winter weekends as a child skiing Elk Mountain with her family, she is not an Olympic athlete.

On the Commons

Focus on Faculty


  • Capping 125 Years of Victories

    Intercollegiate athletics has been an integral part of the University’s heritage since its founding as St. Thomas College in 1888. Several teams and individuals added another chapter to the University’s rich history during its 125th anniversary. The University now has 96 NCAA championship appearances in 12 different sports.

  • That Championship Season

    Since the Landmark Conference first began competition in the fall of 2007, the University has earned 20 titles. Coupled with the 131 championships that the University won in its previous affiliation with the Middle Atlantic Conference, Scranton now has 151 conference titles in its history.

Alumni News


  • One on One with Bernard R. McIlhenny, S.J.

    Known around campus as “Father Mac,’” Bernard R. McIlhenny, S.J., now 88 years-old, spent nearly a half-century leading Scranton admissions and serving the Jesuit Community at the University.

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