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Fall 2013


  • Celebrating 125 Years

    Gratitude for the past and confidence in the future were the main themes sounded as the University's 125th anniversary year officially began with a Eucharistic celebration on Aug. 12.

  • The Office Gets Memorable Scranton Send Off

    Fans from around the world joined the University in bidding farewell in grand style to the cast and producers of “The Office,” the NBC TV series set in Scranton that aired its final episode on May 16.

  • Reconnecting at Reunion

    This year, more than 1,300 alumni and guests came home for Alumni Reunion Weekend in June to celebrate their years on campus and reconnect with those people who made the University so special.

Alumni Profiles

  • His Campus Job Helped Launch a Career

    Without a doubt, I wouldn’t have been able to attend The University of Scranton without the generosity of its alumni.

  • Service is in the Family DNA

    For Ed Bosch ’71, a life of service was practically a foregone conclusion. On one side of the family were generations of military men. His grandfather fought in WW I and Bosch’s father, a West Point grad, served in the U.S. Army during WW II. On the other side, his mother’s upbringing had a strong Jesuit influence exerted by her uncle, Rev. Thomas J. Higgins, S.J., then-president of St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia (who later taught ethics and served as chair of the philosophy department at Loyola College).

  • Back to Barracks: Alumnus Reflects on Early Years

    It had been years since Francis Burne ’48 visited Scranton. He was there to see his son, Brig. Gen. Chris Burne ’80, deliver a speech to a group of ROTC graduates. Burne, however, had other reasons to be excited. He wanted to see how the school he loved had grown.

  • A Trailblazer without Battle Scars

    As a member of the first class of women graduates of Scranton, Bukics should easily relate to the struggles of the women at Lafayette, but she can’t — at least not completely. Her Scranton story isn’t one of discrimination or overcoming immense odds. Instead it is one of professors who challenged and cared for her.

  • If it Happened at Scranton, the Yavoreks were there

    Dr. Henry Yavorek ’43, was a dentist and graduate of Scranton. Dr. Amy Yavorek's '84 four brothers and sisters were all graduates of Scranton Prep and all graduates of the University. Scranton wasn’t just a school to the Yavorek family; it was an institution that held fast to the same values they did.

  • The Campus Visit That Changed Everything

    Kathryn Ott Lovell ’96 had made her decision. Preparations were being made and money had been sent off. She’d enroll at Villanova University in the fall of 1992.

  • A Record for the Ages: His 56-Point Game Still Unsurpassed

    Ed Kazakavich didn’t have his eye on the record books. He just wanted to win.

On the Commons

Focus on Faculty


  • Athletics Recap

    Our Scranton student-athletes are shining on the field and in the classroom.

  • Samantha Russo

    The key to getting a good shot on goal is being patient and waiting for the right opportunity. However, when you see an opening, it’s important to seize the opportunity and take the shot without hesitating.

  • Michaela McCrudden

    Since my sophomore year in high school, I knew I wanted to play a sport in college. Since I played volleyball year round and dedicated so much time to it, I knew it was the sport I wanted to continue with in college.

  • Charles Hudacek

    The difference between solid golfers and poor golfers is how they practice. Every poor amateur in the sport likes to practice what he or she is good at instead of what they are bad at.

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