A Message from our President

Fr. QuinnAlumni & Friends,

As is customary, this issue of your Scranton Journal chronicles the richly deserved accolades of our students and faculty that follow the successful conclusion of an academic year. I am privileged to congratulate our graduates as they cross the stage in the presence of caring faculty to receive their well-earned Scranton diploma. As you will read, the Class of 2013 is the source of enduring pride.

Complementing this testament to our ongoing vitality are stories, photographs and historical information to mark the start of a yearlong celebration of the 125th anniversary of the University’s founding. In a special way, we remember the Most Rev. William O’Hara, D.D., first Bishop of the Diocese of Scranton. With a dream and a call to action, he invoked God’s blessing on a single block of granite and inspired 125 years of vision, sacrifice and service by diocesan priests, Xaverian Brothers, Christian Brothers, Jesuits and incomparable lay colleagues. 

While some subjects we teach today were the stuff of fiction at our founding, we still embody a deep faith in the power of Catholic and now Jesuit higher education to transform the students entrusted to our care and, through them, to change the world. 

In my homily for the Anniversary Eucharist on August 12, I shared the following with faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends gathered to commemorate this special day in our history: 

“It is a precious time to stir up the gifts given to us. The holy people of God—faculty, staff and students at The University of Scranton—can dream of renewed birth because God’s Spirit dwells in us, powering us to always try anew.”

I encourage all of our alumni and friends to join in the celebration. May God bless Catholic and Jesuit higher education, and may God bless The University of Scranton.


Kevin P. Quinn, S.J.

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