125th Celebration: What we are Celebrating

We asked members of the 125th Anniversary Celebration Committee to share their thoughts on what we are celebrating during this anniversary year. Here are some of their reflections.

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We asked members of the 125th Anniversary Celebration Committee to share their thoughts on what we are celebrating during this anniversary year. Here are some of their reflections. 

When thinking of the 125th anniversary, my mind goes to the students. We are celebrating 125 years of our students going out into the world and doing phenomenal things. That's the legacy of our students -- the change they've created in the world, whether in academia, service or as practitioners of their professions.
-Stephanie Adamec, Director of Off-Campus and Commuter Services

We are celebrating: Bishop O’Hara’s vision and faith; the work of the Xaverian Brothers; the risk taking and persistence of the Christian Brothers; the Jesuit’s ministry of education grounded in faith and the promotion of justice; the fulfillment of the University of Scranton’s mission to prepare and inspire men and women for and with others; and the successes of our students and alumni/alumnae ― successes in their personal lives, professional lives and as instruments of justice in their communities.
-Jean W. Harris Ph.D., Chairperson and Professor, Political Science

We are celebrating growth, achievement, and community.
-Ellen Casey, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of English

Speaking as both a student and an alumna, celebrating the 125th anniversary means honoring the place that has provided me with support and education to not only obtain the knowledge and skills needed for my future, but to grow as a person who is willing to accept challenges, think critically and continue to search for new ways to care for and with others. This celebration honors the service, commitment and passion of the entire University of Scranton community.
-Jennifer Villare, graduate student

We are celebrating the enduring legacy of Catholic and Jesuit education--not only its past contributions to our region and its people but also its hope to serve the needs of future generations. We are called at this time to imagine a future for our university that will live up to the ideals of its founders.
-Brian P. Conniff, Ph.D., Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

We are celebrating who we are – a community that has been given the tremendous opportunity to see and celebrate Christ in one another through the love, care and gratitude we extend to ourselves, each other and to God through our work.
-Cheryl Y. Boga, Conductor and Director, Performance Music

The 125th anniversary provides us with the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our alumni over the last 125 years and to look ahead to a very exciting future.
-Gary R. Olsen, Vice President for Advancement

I have worked at the University for 14 years, in both Development and in the President's Office. Working in an environment where grounding in the Jesuit ideals tops the mission statement has been a blessing in my life. I get to take part in God's work and watch as His will for each student is fulfilled. I call our students "kids," because they are like my own kids. Even though I don't work in an educational capacity, I get to nurture them and watch them grow and mature. Being a part of the University community has enriched my life beyond measure.
-Tara M. Seely, Projects Coordinator, Office of the President

We are celebrating the faith and determination required to start a college in a rough-and-tumble coal town and then to continue to invest in it through wars, national and local economic depressions and many other challenges. We are also celebrating the joy and satisfaction of seeing that faith and determination result in a widely recognized, nationally celebrated University.
-Michael J. Knies , Special Collections Librarian

This yearlong celebration is an opportunity for us to look back with gratitude for the people and events that helped shape our University. In that spirit, we can focus on sustaining our mission as a Catholic and Jesuit University for future members of our community.
-Robert W. Davis Jr., Chief of Staff 

What we are celebrating is a remarkable series of acts of faith that have shaped the University’s history from its inception, beginning with Bishop O’Hara laying a cornerstone for a building he did not yet have the funds to build and then a half-century later with the willingness of the Jesuits to accept ownership of a school saddled with debt in the midst of a world war. Such acts of faith continue to be repeated in more recent years every time ground is broken for a multi-million dollar project with confidence that the generosity of our benefactors will ensure its completion. The University today with its beautiful campus, vibrant student body and dynamic faculty gives testimony to the extent to which those acts of faith have been and continue to be so amply rewarded.
-Frank X.J. Homer, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus and University Historian

This year we celebrate our pride in being a part of the University community. We have the opportunity to look back at Scranton's growth and reflect on its promise for the future. As Scranton continues to strive for excellence, the entire community is privileged to be part of something special. We are celebrating the University's commitment to education, wellness and service. As we celebrate 125 years, we celebrate our success in the pursuit of Magis.
-Jennifer Grigorescu, student 

The 125th Anniversary is about celebrating the amazing heritage that we all share here at The University of Scranton. It is an opportunity both for us to reflect on the contributions of all those who have had a hand in shaping what the university is today and for us to commit ourselves to furthering the ideals of the university as we look to the future.
-Christian Burne, student 

We are celebrating our students, who come from near and far to experience a Jesuit education second to none on a campus where the sense of community is as strong as the cornerstone put in place 125 years ago.
-Frani Mancuso, Director of Conference & Event Services

I have a unique view of the university. Not only did I receive my undergraduate and graduate degrees here, three of my four children are also alumni; plus I've worked in varying roles for the university for 23 years. What I have seen is how special this place is. Despite its growth, there is one thing that never changes: the students remain at the heart of everything we do. That's at the center of Scranton's success -- that unfailing mission to groom men and women for others. 
-Edward J. Steinmetz, Jr., Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration

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