Charles Hudacek

The difference between solid golfers and poor golfers is how they practice. Every poor amateur in the sport likes to practice what he or she is good at instead of what they are bad at.

Year: Senior
Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Moosic
Skill Level: 0 Handicap

We’ve got to ask this of a golfer, have you ever recorded a hole-in-one? 

Yes, I’ve made one hole-in-one at my home course, Glenmaura National. It was with a 6-iron from 183 yards. 

Your best two rounds in your Scranton career have come at Utica Invitational events. What is it about Update New York that brings out the best in your game?  

My first experience there was actually not a good one because I had an injury, tearing ligaments in my wrist and ending up in the emergency room. So, I guess you could say I wanted some vengeance and ended up having a couple solid putting rounds to earn a win. 

What’s one tip you would give someone who wants to improve their golf game?

Practice! The difference between solid golfers and poor golfers is how they practice. Every poor amateur in the sport likes to practice what he or she is good at instead of what they are bad at. 

What golf course would you love to play a round on? How would you do?

I have played all across the United States, but I have always wanted to play at Augusta National in Augusta, Ga. The history behind the golf course, as well as the Masters Tournament, is truly amazing. As for how I would do, I think I would play pretty well if it was a recreational round. If it was the Masters Tournament, I’m not so sure. 

What club in your bag do you have the most confidence in? Which one do you have the least confidence in? 

My low irons and wedges are the best for me. I feel that if I’m within 160 yards I can hit it close almost every time. I’m probably least confident in my 4-iron. It is hard to control an iron that goes a long distance. 

Do you have any pre-match routines or superstitions? If so, what are they?

As a team, we often eat cheesesteaks or Dunkin Donuts together. We seem to do it on every road trip, so I guess it’s our team routine. 

You are studying business administration. Describe your perfect job after college.

I plan to work for Merrill Lynch after I graduate. This summer I served as an intern at Merrill Lynch and really enjoyed the work. I am a people person and a lot of global wealth management is helping others, which is a passion of mine. 

You are/were a techcon for the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence on campus, and listed your area of expertise as Apple products. In one sentence, explain to me why you prefer MACs over PCs.

MACs are a gateway to the future in the technological world we live in today. 

Who was your favorite athlete growing up?

Growing up I always wanted to be Ernie Els. I always thought I would be a big guy like him and I always dreamed of having a great golf swing like he does. 

Favorite movie? 

“A Beautiful Mind.” Russell Crowe plays the great John Nash of Princeton University. I actually got the privilege to see Dr. Nash on campus and his insight on economic analysis really made me fall in love with the world of business. 

What musician do you tell people is your favorite? Who is your actual favorite musician?

One of my favorite bands of late is “The Lumineers,” so I would probably say that if someone asked me. My actual favorite musician is Roland Greco, who I went to high school with. He is an amazing drummer who studied at Berklee College of Music. I really love music and have played several instruments. Drums are a passion of mine hence why I admire Roland’s music. 

What is the best advice – sports related or not – that a coach has ever given you?

My coach Ed Karpovich has told me to always play the game to my best ability, but if I’m not having fun it’s not worth playing. This is great advice because he is an absolutely terrific golfer himself so I always take what he says to heart. 

Tell us one thing only friends and family know about you.

I am a complete geek inside. I love to research new electronic products that come out on the market. Technology has always interested me and I understand it very well. My favorite reading material is “MacWorld.” 

You go by “Chas” instead of Charles. Tell us the story behind the nickname.

I am named after my mother’s dad, Charles. For more than 25 years, his nickname has been “Chas.” Interestingly enough, I was born on my father’s dad’s birthday (May 9). So, really I am a product of my grandfather. 

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