A complement to the "In Memoriam" section of The Scranton Journal, this page is a place for members of the University community to remember and honor Scranton alumni, faculty and staff who have passed away. Here, you can tell your stories, offer your prayers and send your photos to honor your friends, family, teachers and mentors. This is a timely way to honor your loved one using the space you need. Submissions can be made via the form.

We reserve the right to edit entries for clarity. 

  • John Beidler, Ph.D.

    Date Submited:
    Submited By: Provost
  • Matthew Reavy, Ph.D.

    faculty '84 G '92
    Date Submited:
    Submited By: President
  • Mari Walsh Rush

    Alumnus/na '88
    Date Submited:
    Submited By: Karen Fagin Yanni, Class of ‘88 | Karen Ford Breen, Class of ‘88 | Lisa Nardone Yager, Class of ‘88 | Marianna Owings Calabrese, Class of ‘88 | Kristen Peterson Mallon, Class of ‘88 | Mimi Weber Flynn, Class of ‘88
  • Matthew Reavy, Ph.D.

    faculty '84 '92
    Date Submited:
    Submited By: Kelly Nee
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