A Fire That Kindles Other Fires: How to Help

University campaign focuses on increasing access to education and promoting mission and excellence.

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"A Fire That Kindles Other Fires: The Campaign To Advance Mission, Access, & Excellence” is a call to our community to support and sustain the sacred mission that defines us. Through the campaign, we will ensure a boundless future for the University in which the power and promise of a Scranton education is shared across the globe.

None of this is possible, however, without you. Without your help, our dreams for the University will remain just words, our great potential unrealized. Please help us write the next chapter in our history so that The University of Scranton will kindle the fires of generations yet to come.

"Love is to be
found much
more in deeds
than in words.”
– St. Ignatius of Loyola

How to Help

Make a Cash Gift or Multi-Year Pledge to the Campaign
• Outright Gifts of Cash
• Appreciated Securities
• Corporate Matching
• Savings Bonds
Make a Deferred Gift to the Campaign
• Bequests
• Life Insurance
• Life Income Plans
• Retirement Plan Gift

qr-code-royalcampaign.jpgLooking to help kindle the fires of knowledge at the University but don't know where to start? Scan the QR code to make a gift to The University of Scranton cause of your choice. scranton.edu/campaign 

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