Alumni Remember Father Pilarz

The University continues to gather tributes to the late president.

Rev. Scott R. Pilarz, S.J. at Reunion 2018
Rev. Scott R. Pilarz, S.J. at Reunion 2018

As the University continues to celebrate the life of the Rev. Scott R. Pilarz, S.J., members of our alumni community have begun sharing their favorite memories of our 24th and 27th president here, and we’ve chosen to share a few excerpts below. To share a recollection, visit this link.

“I will always remember how much effort Fr. Pilarz put into celebrating the Class of 2020 amid the pandemic.
In addition to creating a virtual graduation and trying very hard to celebrate us in person, he dedicated the St. Thomas Gateway to our class, which I found to be so thoughtful.
He is someone I will always remember as exuding joy and love. Thank you, Fr. Pilarz, for being a wonderful leader and example of being a person for others.
Rest in peace.”

Danielle Dessyn ’20, G’21

“Fr. Pilarz changed my life. Whether we were hawking t-shirts, striving to serve our community, pursuing our academic goals, or breaking bread together, I always felt like he had our backs. He taught me what it really means to be a man for others. Thank you, sir.”

Joseph Butash, M.D. ’07

“Father Pilarz made my time at Scranton feel like home. I will never forget his presence on campus, Jack the bulldog and his ability to bring comfort and security with a simple hello.”

Danielle MacCourtney ’07, G’08

“As Scranton’s president he lit up the campus and the city with his enthusiasm for the possibilities the University helped to turn to realities.
As a leader he energized others to see opportunity where there were obstacles.
As a man he was a loyal friend, son and colleague.
As a Jesuit he lived and breathed the Ignatian principles and showed us all how to live better.
Thank you, Scott.”

Justin ’76 and Liz ’83 Murphy

“… He was one of those people in life that stop you in your tracks when you hear their voice. He was a master communicator and I always hung on to every word during his many eloquent speeches. I was thrilled to get to shake his hand as I walked across the stage at graduation. Scranton certainly had a good one and he will be greatly missed. God bless Father Pilarz and his family.”

Brett Lubba ’19

“In this time of sorrow, we offer our sincerest condolences to the family and Scranton family of Father Pilarz. We will always cherish in our hearts the special memory of dining with him and getting to spend time learning the lessons he bestowed upon us and The University of Scranton. He has left a mark on us, as well as our fellow students and his legacy will be remembered forever. With deepest sympathy, Rest in Peace Father Pilarz.”

Carly Kreitzer ’20

“… Thank you Father Pilarz for your wisdom, guidance and love. We will continue to carry on your teachings. God bless Father Pilarz, God bless Catholic (and) Jesuit Education and God Bless the University of Scranton.”

Christina Rakowski ’07

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