A Message from our President

quinn-1.jpegAs the Jesuit poet Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J., said so well, “Nothing is so beautiful as Spring.” It is a time of promise and new beginnings. In the spring issue of The Scranton Journal, we strive to capture the enterprising spirit that is at work on our campus and in the lives of our alumni.

We hope that you will share our pride in the accomplishments of students, faculty and alumni. I am personally delighted to share news of The Jesuit Center, a new initiative that will encourage faculty and staff to be even more deeply involved in sustaining the Catholic and Jesuit mission of the University.

Finally, this issue includes a retrospective on the anniversary of one of the most significant milestones in the University’s history – the fortieth anniversary of the admission of women as resident undergraduate students. In the story, our Bernard R. McIlhenny, S.J., dean emeritus of admissions, offers the following reflection on growth and progress: “As we grew, it was very important that we didn’t lose what we started out to gain – that was a personal, direct approach toward education.” 

As we continue to find ways to advance the University and prepare our students to succeed in a complex world, we are ever mindful of who we are and where we have been, working to ensure that caring for one another and for our students will continue to define and distinguish a Scranton education.


Kevin P. Quinn, S.J.

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