A Look Back with Bob Hickey '67

Bob Hickey '67 recalls his four memorable years at the "U," as well as why he joined his reunion class committee.

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The picture says it all – I loved my four years at the “U.” And being a cheerleader was one of my many ways to express it. We had a great group: Denny Ryan ’67, Lou Orlando ’67, Dave Blake ’69 and so many others who dedicated their voices and energy to inciting our fellow Royal supporters, which was a fairly easy task as evidenced by the photograph.

I had no idea, when I checked into my room in Driscoll Hall as a freshman, why I was going to college other than my mother didn’t offer another alternative. The first semester was a frightening experience where I fortunately, but painfully, learned why one studied and how one studied. However, the stimulating energy of our University community, coupled with my fear of disappointing my mother, allowed me to learn, grow and mature while establishing so many wonderful new relationships with classmates and faculty.

I hated to see my four years at Scranton end. I knew my time here had fundamentally changed me – my viewpoints, my visions, my self-confidence and my desire to achieve and contribute. What I didn’t initially realize was how well-prepared I was to compete and succeed. My pursuit of an MBA, my military experience and my years of climbing the corporate ladder provided a diverse set of environments in which I came to more fully appreciate the value of a Jesuit education.

During the intervening years, the conflicts of family and professional responsibilities have resulted in my attending reunions on an intermittent basis. However, my wife, Gen, and I made it to my 40th reunion in 2007 and had a wonderful time. We look forward to my 45th reunion in June, and I joined our reunion class committee in the hopes of encouraging more classmates to attend. I must admit a selfish motive: the more classmates who attend, the better the time my wife and I will have back at the “U!” 

  – Bob Hickey ’67

Name: Bob Hickey ’67

Hometown: Stroudsburg

Family: wife, Gen; daughter, Erin; and son, Chris

Occupation: Partner – Newport Board Group LLC

Hobbies: Playing with grandkids, running and boating

Memorable moment at Scranton: Making the Dean’s List for the first time – it was my second semester of freshman year. It affirmed that I belonged.

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