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Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, especially our nearly 2,100 – yes, 2,100 – married alumni couples! (Feb. 14)


Megan Early Brady – Hubby and I are one of the 2100!

Mary Doyle Troy We’re one of those couples!

Ame Monte I graduated in ‘05 and married my college sweetheart, Chris Scanlon (class of ‘07), in 2009!

Amy Lomonico Pazmino Happy and proud to say I’m half of one of those!

Missing the Commons today? Here is a view of the renovation of St. Thomas Hall taken just a few minutes ago! (Jan. 25)

Stephanie Fuentes Ahh im even more in lovee :)

Lisa Corrente i was there in october and it did not look like this... wow

Melissa Burns it’s like the st. thomas remix or something, thats crazy!!!!!

Betsy McPartland It’s been almost 23 years and I miss the commons and all that it represents. It is true the hours quickly slip away and mingle into years but memories of our Scranton days and after do last!

Well, the Scranton area is expecting snow tonight, which got us thinking. Alums, is it true you used to borrow cafeteria trays and sled on the hills around campus? That sounds like a blast – and a little like destruction of property. ; ) (Jan. 20)


Matt DeNinno Uhm of course! I remember breaking out my skis during one storm.

Kelly Noonan been there, done that

Kathleen Madara Borrow???? Such a cute term

Maria Virbitsky Absolutely...not truly a Scranton student otherwise!

Amy Tafil Coyle You mean you guys DON’T do that??

Sweet Tweets

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I’m thankful for the friendships, memories and education I received at the @univofscranton.

The changes to the @univofscranton are incredible. The campus still looks brilliant even on a gloomy day. I’m impressed.

Just made a donation to the Royal Fund @univofscranton Love my Alma Mater & was great to chat w/ an undergrad & learn about the changes.

Missing @univofscranton today. One of the best years of my life. Enjoy the snow!!

Can I just graduate early so I can be at @univofscranton

AMDG forevs... congrats, Fr. Pilarz! RT @univofscranton: Just finished the dedication of Pilarz Hall, great day!

Congratulations Sean R. You were admitted to @UnivOfScranton!

I want to go to the @univofscranton so badly. #ISayThatAlot

@univofscranton I’m ready for an exciting, new semester =)

Congratulations to @CDAWSome for her acceptance to the U!! If you decide to become a #Royal, you won’t regret it :) (cc @univofscranton)

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