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The following news items highlight the many recent accomplishments and research experiences of our faculty and staff members.

Xue Researches Online Advertising Effectiveness

Online advertising is a fast-growing source of revenue in the advertising industry, totaling a reported $26 billion in 2010. But Professor Ling Xue, Ph.D., wants to know if current online advertising is the most efficient.

Dr. Xue, assistant professor of operations management, received a development intersession grant from the University to research “Complementarity Between Behavioral Targeting and Contextual Targeting in Online Advertising.” Dr. Xue, who has previously completed analytic research on this topic, said he is currently collecting data and receiving and responding to feedback from a conference he attended. He plans to publish the research in an academic journal.

Zalon Honored in American Nurses Association Article

Margarete L. Zalon, Ph.D., professor of nursing, was the subject of an article that appeared in the September-October 2011 issue of The American Nurse, which is the official publication of the American Nurses Association (ANA). The article discusses Dr. Zalon’s accomplishments during her term as the chairperson of the American Nurses Foundation (ANF) board of trustees. Heavily involved in ANF and ANA for the past decade, Dr. Zalon looks forward to delving into research, studying the cognitive decline of the elderly.

Catholic-Muslim Relationship Focus of Krokus’ Research

French scholar Louis Massignon was an important figure in promoting openness between Catholicism and Islamism with his works heavily influencing what was said about Islam at the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s. Unfortunately, most of his writings are unknown to English-speaking audiences. Christian Krokus, Ph.D., wants to change this.

Dr. Krokus, an assistant professor of theology and religious studies, received a development intersession grant from the University to research “Louis Massignon and Catholic-Muslim Friendship.”

Dr. Krokus said his plan for this project involves not just translating Massignon’s works, but also organizing the writings and incorporating his analysis.

Education Professor Reviews ‘Legacy for Educators’

Through an intersession research grant, Maria Oreshkina, Ph.D., an assistant professor of education, hopes to shed light on overlooked aspects of theories pioneered to study Russian psychologist and philosopher Lev Vygotsky. The project, entitled “Review of Vygotsky’s Legacy for Educators,” examines what Dr. Oreshkina calls Vygotsky’s “cultural-historical approach to child development and human consciousness.”

By examining the legacy of Vygotsky through his multiple writings, Dr. Oreshkina said she hopes to bring attention to those overlooked and underutilized areas of his work.

Development Grants Awarded for Research

In addition to Christian Krokus, Ph.D., Maria Oreshkina, Ph.D., and Ling Xue, Ph.D., the University also awarded development intersession grants for January 2012 to the following faculty members:

 Andrew LaZella, Ph.D., received a grant to research “Univocity, Equivocity, and Proper Concepts in Duns Scotus’s Quaestiones Super Praedicamenta Aristotelis.” Dr. LaZella is an assistant professor of philosophy.

 Jeremy Sepinsky, Ph.D., received a grant to study “A Further Analysis of Mass Transferring Eccentric Binary Star Systems: Detailed Mass Transfer Rates and System Properties.” Dr. Sepinsky is an assistant professor of physics and electrical engineering.

 Kevin Wilkerson, Ph.D., received
a grant to research “The Impact of Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) Schools on Student Achievement Outcomes: A Comparative Analysis of Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Schools.” Dr. Wilkerson is an associate professor of counseling and human services.

Lift Up Your Hearts


The University presented Sursum Corda (Lift Up Your Hearts) Awards to four staff members at February’s University Convocation. The award recognizes members of the University’s staff who have made outstanding contributions to the community and the mission of Scranton. Pictured (from left) are University President Kevin P. Quinn, S.J., with Sursum Corda recipients Donna Rupp, psychology faculty secretary, Debra Cwalinski, custodian, Gerianne Barber, director, Counseling Training Center, Counseling and Human Services, and David Wilson, staff architect.

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