Focus on Faculty: Books

Several University faculty members published books this past year. Here, we highlight a few.

George J. Aulisio

A professor, department chair and Research & Scholarly Services Coordinator for the Weinberg Memorial Library, recently published a book for the Association of Library Collections and Technical Services, an imprint of the American Library Association. The book Sudden Selector’s Guide to Philosophy is a guide to philosophy for academic librarians who provide collection development and research support services to philosophy students and faculty. The book is part of a series that aims to enhance librarians’ disciplinary expertise in various subject areas. From the publisher: "In addition to learning about philosophy, readers will also learn to develop and manage a comprehensive philosophy collection supported by effective research and user services strategies."

Darryl M. De Marzio, Ph.D.

Professor of Foundations of Education, edited David Hansen and The Call to Teach: Renewing the Work that Teachers Do (Teachers College Press, 2021), which examines the far-reaching impact of David Hansen's teaching and scholarship. Essays by international educators and scholars explore his influence on our understanding of a whole host of important themes, including the moral dimensions of teaching, educational research, teacher education, and the philosophy of education. Contributing authors from eight countries consider the influence of Hansen's ideas from the vantage point of our contemporary educational scene, and from their own unique cultural perspectives. David Hansen and The Call to Teach continues the conversation about the meaning of teaching through the concept of vocation as initiated by Hansen in The Call to Teach (Teachers College Press, 1995) and examines its potential to renew the practice of teaching within today's contentious educational landscape. 

Yamile Silva, Ph.D.

An associate professor and chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures and director of Latin American Studies, published La sonrisa del paisaje. Diarios de Abigail Mejía in August 2020. Abigail Mejía (1895-1941) is one of the most prolific writers of Latin American of the first part of the 20th century. Her diverse textual production includes short stories, novels, plays, essays, journalistic and pedagogical articles. Supported by an Internal Research Grant by the University of Scranton, Dr. Silva was able to get access to Mejía’s manuscripts. This scholarly edition of Mejía’s travel accounts, La sonrisa del paisaje, collected for the first time Mejía's manuscripts located in private archives in the Dominican Republic. The introductory essay to the annotated edition of Mejía articles offers a critical analysis of Mejía’s journalism articles and a consideration of their significance in the history of Latin American and Spanish women writers. The edition also includes detailed biographical information to guide readers who are not familiar with Mejía’s works. The publication of Mejía's travel accounts allowed Dr. Silva to continue uncovering and studying women’s textual production in the 20-century archive as a vital object of literary and historical study.

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