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New Lifelike Simulators Used by Student Nurses

This past fall, The Moses Taylor Foundation awarded an $88,000 grant to Scranton’s Nursing Department for the purchase of new simulator equipment for its laboratory. Thanks to the grant, the University acquired an advanced newborn patient simulator, a five-year-old pediatric simulator and a simulation medication dispensing system. The simulators allow nursing students to practice emergency protocol safely and in a controlled environment and permit students to make life-or-death decisions the field might require without the risk to a real patient a clinical rotation might present.

Students and Faculty Attend Occupational Therapy Conference

University occupational therapy (OT) students and faculty were invited to present their research endeavors at the annual Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association conference in King of Prussia this past fall. Faculty and 35 Scranton OT students joined students, faculty and clinicians from across the state. Students presented their faculty-mentored research projects during four poster presentation sessions.

Two Majors Seeing Major Growth at Scranton

Two majors at Scranton — criminal justice and history — have seen the number of incoming students triple in the past three years for the same reasons: cogent explanations of career employment opportunities after graduation; having an engaging faculty; and providing appealing courses. The number of incoming students declaring a major in criminal justice increased from 13 in 2017-18 to 39 in 2019-20. Students declaring history as their first major also rose, as well as the total number of history majors, which includes those who have changed their major as well those who declare history as a second major.

Mechanical Engineering to be Offered

In fall 2020, students will be able to enroll in the University’s new major in mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and broadest of the engineering disciplines and involves the design, production and operation of mechanical and thermal systems. Students graduating in this major will be prepared to work in a wide array of fields, including the automotive and aerospace industries, manufacturing, electronics, mechatronics and nanotechnologies.

Business Analytics Major Offered

In fall 2019, the University began offering a new major in business analytics, which was developed based on feedback from practitioners, business executives and companies regarding the skills they search for when recruiting recent graduates in this field. Students will develop hands-on skills in using advanced analytical techniques such as data mining, predictive analytics and statistics to evaluate large amounts of data collected from e-commerce transactions and social media to help inform business decisions.

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