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The updates on programs at the University of Scranton.

New updates to programs at The University of Scranton include a new legal studies concentration, a new partnership with Duquesne University School of Law, a new business honors program and new majors.

Legal Studies Concentration

The College of Arts and Sciences is now offering a new concentration in legal studies. The interdisciplinary concentration, an extension of the current Pre-Law Advisory Program, provides students preparing for law school, as well as those interested in studying law at the undergraduate level only, with a flexible curriculum that can both advance understanding of the law and develop skills necessary for success in law school.

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Partnership with Duquesne University School of Law:

i_duquesnelaw.jpegA new affiliation between Scranton and Duquesne University School of Law, Pittsburgh, give Scranton students who meet program requirements the option of automatic admission to the law school after completion of three years at Scranton and a minimum scholarship of $25,000 per year while at Duquesne.

The agreement will allow Scranton students to earn a bachelor’s degree from Scranton and juris doctor (JD) degree from Duquesne in six, rather than seven, years by completing their senior year bachelor’s degree requirements during the first year of law school at Duquesne.

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MHA Program Receives National Sustainability Award
The Master’s in Health Administration (MHA) program received the prestigious Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME)/Canon Award for Sustainability in Healthcare Management Education and Practice.

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Business Honors Program Launches

This fall, a cohort of 19 incoming students became the first members of the four-year Business Honors Program at Scranton. Students in the program will take 12 honors-level business courses over four years in the fields of economics, entrepreneurship, operations management, accounting, finance, international business, marketing and management. Students will also complete an honors thesis and participate in community service and professional development, as well as complete two of the following three options: an intern
ship, study abroad or a journal publication.

Read the original press release, here.

New Majors

i_comm_socmediastrategy.jpegThis fall, the Department of Communication began to offer two new programs: social media strategies and business communication. Both programs offer a major and minor. Students in social media strategies will learn to conceptualize, manage and create written and digital social media content, as well as how to integrate social media campaigns across platforms and with strategic marketing communication campaigns to help organizations achieve their marketing and brand goals. Those majoring or minoring in business communication will develop strong oral presentation and written communication skills, which focus on both techniques of persuasion, as well effective use of graphics, visual presentation so ware, and current media and technology tools.

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