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University students remained busy during the summer months at home and abroad through a range of curricular and co-curricular activities. Read about some of the adventures students had, below.

University students remained busy during the summer months at home and abroad through a range of curricular and co-curricular activities. Read about some of the adventures students had, below.

spark-486.jpegSummer Program Uses Superheroes to SPARK Desire to be Positive Role Models

Participants of SPARK, a weeklong camp for area 12- to 16-year-old students, learned about self-expression, social media affects, teamwork and bullying. As part of the camp that took place at The University of Scranton’s Retreat Center at Chapman Lake, the campers participated in a “super” presentation on becoming good role models.

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Students Complete Summer Research Fellowships with Faculty

The University of Scranton granted seven undergraduate students President’s Fellowships for Summer Research in 2017. The fellowships, administered by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, offer each student the chance to partner with a faculty mentor to complete a research project during the summer. Each project was proposed and designed by the student and their faculty mentor.

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jesuit-conference-486.jpegStudents Attend National Conference on Jesuit Student Leadership

Eleven University of Scranton students participated in the National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference held at Georgetown University in Georgetown, Washington D.C., this summer.

The national conference, held at a different Jesuit University each summer, entails group discussions, a day of service and various workshops focused on furthering the development of students’ leadership from a Jesuit perspective.

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isp-strangers486.pngStudents Write Reflections of their Summer Experiences

Senior Timothy Zero travels to San Bernardino, Guatemala through ISP. 

"Who would’ve thought we would go from complete strangers to a family in just eight days of bugs, dirt and concrete?"

Read his reflection, here.


caitlyn-waters486.jpegJunior Caitlin Waters interns at Weill Cornell Medicine and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s bi-institutional research center in the Center for Comparative Medicine and Pathology in New York City.

"This internship has taught me the responsibilities of working in the real world that include being on time, dressing professionally and working hard to produce results."

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nascar486.jpegJunior Mark Miller interns with NASCAR in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

“Stock cars racing under the lights at speeds of over 180 mph around a mile and one-half circuit. There is an aroma in the air of burning rubber and race fuel exhaust. A sold-out grandstand filled with cheering fans following their favorite drivers with family and friends by their sides. It is different from other sports and it is truly an experience like no other.”

Read his reflection, here.

Junior Courtney E. Loughlin travels to Ecuador through ISP.

"Despite the sadness I felt when I left the center, I consider myself undeniably blessed and incredibly happy for the 10days I spent in Ecuador. I am still processing my trip and know that it will continue to shape me."

Read her reflection, here.

soares.jpgSamuel Soares, senior, interns with Facebook.

Most important lesson you learned?
The most important lesson I learned is that I have to be bold. In order to be successful, you have to take risks. We may not always know where a decision will lead. You have to look at all of the options and then make a decision. Often times, the worst thing you could do is nothing at all. The tech world changes so quickly and you’re guaranteed to fail if you do not take any risks. Everyone at Facebook is encouraged to “be bold” even if it means we make the wrong decisions sometimes.

Read the full Q&A here.

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