Fr. Keller Answers More Questions

Hear more from Fr. Keller, interim president, who wants you to know he loves both the Phillies and Jersey shore!

What do you tell people who may not know about The University of Scranton when they ask what it's like?

To me, the hallmarks of the Scranton experience center on a tangible sense of community on campus and a commitment to the Catholic and Jesuit values that define this school. Students who come here will be on a journey that will challenge them and enable them to grow academically, personally, and spiritually.

In the Scranton experience, faculty, staff and administrators become trusted mentors. That personal attention and care for the student is what makes this Jesuit university so unique. I’d also encourage folks to talk to an alumnus of the University because our alumni are great ambassadors of this school.

Tell us something about yourself that we may not know from reading press releases or your Trustee bio.

I know we have many students from New York and New Jersey, so I am somewhat hesitant to mention this. I have been a loyal Phillies fan and Eagles fan all of my life, having been born and raised in Philadelphia. So, with all due respect to Mets and Yankee fans, and Giants and Jets fans, I can’t deny my roots! As a shout out to New Jersey, however, my favorite place to relax is the Jersey shore.

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