A Message from our President


Dear Alumni, Parents & Friends,

This fall, we celebrated Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. It was a blessed occasion to have our Holy Father among us, if only for a short while. While here, the pope addressed Congress, calling for dialogue and compassion, as well as shared social responsibility. Specifically, he urged us to “act generously” in response to the refugee crisis, the worst since World War II.

Our community took the pope’s message of compassion to heart, organizing In Solidarity with Syria to advocate and pray for Syrian and other refugees, which you can read more about in the pages of this magazine. I am deeply proud of the faculty members, staff and students who spearheaded the efforts on campus, as usual showing their deep commitment to learning, serving and speaking with open hearts.

As I reflect on the semester, I see clearly how Pope Francis’ message has guided us in our daily lives, from the Leahy Hall dedication — with Patricia and Ed Leahy by our sides — to a joyous Christmas season among Scranton alumni, friends and family.

In this issue of The Scranton Journal, you will read about everything from our ever-expanding partnerships abroad to the strength of our alumni network. It is the commitment of this network that continuously invigorates The University of Scranton, keeping us on the cutting edge, while sustaining our values and mission. I am grateful to you for your continued support.

It was a pleasure to have met and reconnected with so many of you this year during various receptions and events, and I look forward to seeing more of you in the spring semester and beyond.

God bless you.


Kevin P. Quinn, S.J.

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