This is what they had to say about returning to Scranton to teach

Dozens of University of Scranton faculty members who also share the distinction of being proud alumni responded to a survey asking, among other questions, what drew them back to Scranton to teach and/or research, what makes the University so special and how their Scranton education defined them.

Dozens of University of Scranton faculty members who also share the distinction of being proud alumni responded to a survey asking, among other questions, what drew them back to Scranton to teach and/or research, what makes the University so special and how their Scranton education defined them.

Among the answers:

On a Scranton education:

“The Scranton spirit gave me an appreciation of the varied ways to explore and (sometimes) answer the many questions of our world and the place of ourselves and our work in it. The examples witnessed as a student at Scranton ignited in me a restlessness to discover ways that we can do more for our students and for our fields.
– Michael Jenkins. Ph.D. ’06, assistant professor, Sociology, Criminal Justice & Criminology

“I walked in as a student and walked out as a professional counselor with what I believe to be the finest preparation possible in the field. This translated into a way of life, for my practice and my subsequent teaching.”
– Paul A. Datti, Ph.D., CRC, HS-BCP ’93, associate professor, Counseling & Human Services

“The University of Scranton truly transforms young men and women into well-rounded people of purpose.”
– Douglas Boyle, CBA, CPA, CMA ’88, assistant professor, Accounting

“I treat every patient with the dignity and respect that they deserve and teach my students to do the same in their own clinical practice.”
– Tracey L. Collins, Ph.D. ’89, assistant professor, Physical Therapy

“My Scranton education really helped me grow to become a woman for others who never settled for mediocrity.”
– Dana Maida, DPT ’03, faculty specialist, Physical Therapy

“My Scranton education provided me with the values, ethics, principles and discipline that are so important to every college-age student.”
– Deborah J. Gougeon, Ph.D. ’73, G’74, associate professor, Operation & Information Management

“I learned to think of others and to pass on my knowledge to students.”
– Bonnie Lini Markowski G ’95, faculty specialist, English & Theater

On returning to teach at Scranton:

“I fell in love with the University of Scranton as a student, received a teaching assistantship as a grad student and welcomed the opportunity to join the faculty as a full-time member.”
– Robert McKeage, Ph.D. ’71, associate professor, Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship

“As far as I know I was the first Ph.D. hired into our renowned accounting department.”
– Ronald Grambo, Ph.D. ’73, G’76, associate professor, Accounting

“I wanted to teach in a quality MBA program. Scranton was my only choice.”
– Riaz Hussain, Ph.D. ’80, associate professor, Economics/Finance

On what inspires us:

“The faculty of the University of Scranton … helped shape who I am today. I have modeled my own actions after my professors and now do the same thing for my students.”
– Julie Ann Nastasi, OTD ’00, faculty specialist, Occupational Therapy

“When I left my position as a senior-level executive with a large health-care institution, I knew it was time to give back some of my real-life experience to the next generation of future executives. … I could think of no more desirable or inspiring place to do that than the University of Scranton.”
– Maggie R. Koehler, MBA’86, faculty specialist, Health Administration & Human Resources

“The professors I had at Scranton and the learning experience they provided here have served as my role models for teaching.”
– David Salerno, Ph.D., CPA ’97, G’04, assistant professor, Accounting 

“I was fortunate to have had the best of the best as my teachers. So I just try to imitate them.”
Paul Fahey Ph.D. ’64, professor, Physics & Electrical Engineering

“I’m always concerned with the progress ALL of our students are making and giving them the individual attention Scranton is known for.”
– Nicholas Truncale ’06, G ’07, faculty specialist, Physics & Electrical Engineering

On what makes Scranton, a Jesuit university, so special:

“It is the distinctly Catholic and Jesuit mission of the school, the deep sense of community, and the commitment of all members of our community to excellence that make the U of S special.”
– Richard J. Klonoski, Ph.D. ’74, professor, Philosophy

“Jesuit higher education is an incredibly special thing, because it synthesizes exciting and rigorous intellectual endeavor with the better version of ourselves, formed to love and serve God and others.”
– Donna Witek G’13, associate professor, Library

“It’s the employees and personnel that espouse an Ignatian approach to education that make the University so special.”
– John Ruddy, CPA ’91, faculty specialist, Accounting

“I believe it is the students, faculty and administration, working together, that make (the University) such a great place.”
– Michael Costello, Esq. ’70, G’75, faculty specialist, Health Administration & Human Resources

“Faculty here embody cura personalis, going out of the way to get to know and provide individual opportunities for students.”
– Mary Jane K. DiMattio, Ph.D. ’89, associate professor, Nursing

“I believe that having roots in in the area likely increases the commitment that alumni have in seeing the University continue its amazing increase in quality and national recognition.”
– Brian Carpenter, Ph.D. G’82, professor, Accounting

 “The faculty here make a difference in the lives of students. The caring nature of these individuals is what makes Scranton special.”
– Wendy Grochowski Manetti, MSN, FNP-C ’89, G’99, faculty specialist, Nursing

The University of Scranton is “small enough to give students that personal touch.”
– Beth Holmes ’76, faculty specialist, Communication

“Being used to the very large campus of the University of Pittsburgh, U of S seemed much more intimate when I started working here.”
– Kevin Norris ’83, assistant professor, Library

“I do love working here.”
– Robert Spinelli, MBA ’75, assistant professor/program director, Health Administration and Human Resources

On encouraging students to come back to teach at Scranton:

“I’d ask (students) to go out into the world, set it on fire at least once or twice, and then come back to Scranton, bringing with them everything they’ve learned and experienced, to inspire the next generation to do the same.”
– Kristen Yarmey G’12, associate professor, Library

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