A Message from our President

Fr. QuinnDear Alumni & Friends,

As our academic year progresses, the University continues to enjoy national recognition for excellence and value. We recently announced, for example, that our online graduate programs were ranked among the nation’s best and that our MBA program is one of the top five financial values in the country. It should come as no surprise, as our students, faculty, staff and alumni continue to provide reasons for pride.

Through a feature story in this issue, I encourage you to learn more about the outstanding work of three alumni who are leading outstanding Jesuit high schools. You can also discover more about outreach efforts to the Navajo Nation and Rwanda, and about a longstanding course that immerses students in the intricacies of European politics.
We shine attention on our efforts to harness the great enthusiasm that our faculty and staff bring to their service by deepening their understanding of the vision and vocation that make us Catholic and Jesuit.

Our Catholic and Jesuit mission is a reminder of our focus throughout this year on celebrating the 125th anniversary of our founding. Activities and events are planned for the coming months, and I encourage all of you to participate. We are also in the final stages of producing a hardcover history book with a title inspired by our alma mater: A Legacy to Hold, A Future to Build — The University of Scranton — 1888-2013.

The University of Scranton is always changing, always renewing itself without losing focus of its mission: To promote among our students personal transformation that leads to the transformation of society. We are ever grateful for the example that our alumni provide to students who are now in our care and for your abiding support to sustain our work.

God bless you, and God bless The University of Scranton.


Kevin P. Quinn, S.J.

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