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Thanks to Student Government President Oliver Strickland ’13 for “Instagramming” this photo of campus. He captioned it “I love @univofscranton.” What would you write?

Anthony Russoniello – Photos like this make me miss Scranton in the fall ... hire me to come back!

Bethany Purdy – In the midst of darkness, here is the light.

Trudy Gerchak Clemson – “FALL”ing for Scranton

Amy Mulhern Ensinger – Home....

Jessica Piatt – My favorite place in the entire world.


Congratulations to our new Pope – Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, S.J., from Argentina. And, that’s correct, he’s a Jesuit! 

Francene Tearpock-Martini – I love his choice name Pope Francis. Saint Francis was humble, loved the environment and animals.

Anne Lyons Glanzman – May the Holy Spirit inspire him in his work.

Katharine Kuczynski – Bless him, keep him from harm today and always.

Amid loud applause and cheers Kathleen Granahan Kane ’88 was sworn in as the first woman to be elected as Pennsylvania’s attorney general (Jan. 15). We couldn’t be prouder of this alumna!

John Walker – She’s definitely a ROYAL!

Jim Albert – Future governor of PA?

Jeff Rossi – No surprise ... 88 is the over achiever class.

Pat Wishard Pentis – Proud to say she got my vote!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, but especially those who found love on the Commons! In case you didn’t know, there are nearly 2,100 married alumni couples!

Colleen O'Brien Darby – Some of us married alumni met BEFORE there was a “Commons!” We had a crossing guard to stop traffic on Linden so that we could get to St. Thomas Hall! Colleen & Jim Darby, Class of 1981 

Ryan Gibbons – I met my wife on a Search retreat at Chapman Lake. I am 99 and Claire is 00. Happy Valentine’s to all you Scranton love birds!

Colleen Collins Marshall – Scranton is a magical place! My husband and I met our sophomore year, starting dating senior year, and the rest is history! Class of 1997!

MariaElena Diana Davis – Hope that happens for my son! A beautiful education and an intelligent girl who is just as equal as him. God bless.


Students, today (Jan. 30) is the first day of the rest of your lives! Wait, it’s just the first day of the spring semester. Well, it’s actually both. Good luck getting off to a great start!

Maura Devlin Slatowski – This is my favorite saying and I love seeing this when I come to visit the U.

Kyle O’Connor – Where dreams become reality.

Brian Patchcoski – That has always been my favorite place on campus with a very impactful saying.

Sweet Tweets

Here are some of our favorite tweets sent to the University’s Twitter accounts in recent months. Join the fun at and

Saw three different @univofscranton alumni today running errands, small world. It’s a great day to be a #royal

Missing the @univofscranton #toohard right now #royalsforever

I love when you can read a paper you wrote and be proud of it. Ty @univofscranton for letting me indulge in my passion for learning

I’m envious of the @univofscranton’s #intersession life. #bringmeback #alumniproblems

Let’s be honest, if I still went to @univofscranton I’d be wearing a hoodie and sweatpants today. #uofswardrobe

There’s something magical about getting together with @univofscranton college friends. @merspin12 @MelissaB418 @triciawenke13

Accepted to my #1 college; The University of Scranton! #futureroyal @UofSAdmissions @univofscranton

I just reached 1888 tweets, so I figured it would be appropriate to thank the @univofscranton for shaping me into the person I am <3

Thank you for years of dedicated service @univofscranton mug. You “randomly” cracked today after being cleaned #Leahysurvivor

Everyday I go to school, I think of it as one day closer to move in at @univofscranton #cantwait #tooexcited #classof2017

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