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Hey Alumni, in just a few short weeks the class of 2016 will be packing up their cars for their first move to Scranton! What do you think they should add to their official freshman packing list?


Amanda Eileen The largest fan they can possibly find!!!

Jessica Piatt Rain boots, umbrella & a rain coat! They’ll need to keep dry on those rainy walks up and down the Commons!

Shannon Behm Lusk Taste for adventure & shower shoes!

Joe Sorbera Something that gives them the power to freeze time

Finals Week started today! Any Alums out there feeling nostalgic & miss frantically writing in one of these?


Alexis Frazier Vagni Scrolling thru status updates, this caught my eye and I swear I had a nervous twitch! Feeling thankful that I haven’t seen one in some time!

Susan Bush-Smith I will never forget Dr. Jan Kelly and Dr. Bob Sadowski saying, “In this school, you’ll learn how to write, and write you will.” That was no joke!

Charlotte Perez The only part of Scranton I don’t miss.

Trish Oakley ‘10 and 2LT Rich Auletta ‘10 fell in love at Scranton, so it only made sense to take their engagement photos on campus. Did you find your sweetheart on the Commons? If so, share your story with us!


Janet Monaco Crocker James and I met Freshman year (1995) and knew we would get married someday. We’ve been married 9yrs and counting. Thanks U of S!!!

Joanna Klimaski Matt (2010) and I (2011) met while working on the Esprit lit mag, went through SJLA together, and got engaged in the courtyard of Madison apartments in June :) we’re hoping to get married in Madonna della Strada in 2014.

Chrissy Byrne Madalone Started dating Frank Madalone in ‘04, my junior year/ his senior year. He blindfolded me and drove me back there in August ‘07 and proposed in the middle of Clay between our 2 houses, and we got married June ‘09!

Sweet Tweets

Here are some of our favorite tweets sent to the University’s Twitter accounts in recent months. Join the fun at and

I might actually spend too much time on @UofSAdmissions @univofscranton website. haha Cant wait until the fall

when I see days like this, all I could think about is how close I am to starting my freshman year at the @univofscranton #ecstatic 

Four years ago today, I made the decision to go to @univofscranton. Best decision ever. 

Walking down the street I spotted a guy with the @univofscranton “S” on their hat. Immediately struck up a conversation. #royalconnection

“Today you leave this place... but this place will never leave you.” #usgrad12 #alwaygoodtohear #ilovethisschool

Great day volunteering in Brooklyn for Scranton/Jesuit Alumni Day of Service. Thanks @ScrantonAlumni and @univofscranton

copying every picture I took at @univofscranton over 4 years off of my computer to clear space…. 5,912 pics!! #scrantasticmemories

Starting big girl life on Monday #ew why can’t I go back to @univofscranton

Today would be a great day for lounging out on the green @univofscranton #MissingSchool #Classof2012

So awesome to see all the improvements @univofscranton is doing this summer...can’t wait to be there in August!!:)

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